Are Low-Fat Dairy Products Really Healthier?

For decades, experts advocated for low-fat or fat-free dairy options based on the belief that reducing saturated fats would lower the risk of heart disease.

Recent research challenges the notion that less dairy fat is inherently better for health.

Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian notes that studies have failed to consistently demonstrate the superiority of low-fat dairy over full-fat options.

Recent findings suggest that the choice of dairy product may be more critical than the level of fat it contains.

Studies show associations between dairy consumption and lower risks of conditions such as high blood pressure

Benefits appear to be present regardless of whether individuals choose reduced-fat or full-fat dairy products.

Despite full-fat dairy products being higher in calories, studies indicate that their consumption doesn't necessarily lead to weight gain.

Certain types of saturated fats in dairy products may be neutral or beneficial for health.

The evolving research suggests that a nuanced understanding of dairy fats is emerging, challenging previous assumptions about their impact on health.