Pearl Harbor anniversary: Here are 10 things you may not know about the attack

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, inspired by a 1925 novel and the Taranto attack, planned Pearl Harbor.

USS Arizona: 37 sets of brothers, 23 killed; hit 4 times, sank with 1,177 crewmen, including the band.

102 ships at Pearl Harbor; 7 battleships sunk; USS Nevada ran aground; commanders criticized.

USS Utah: 2-year-old's ashes entombed; 64 men lost.

Radar at Opana Point misidentified Japanese planes.

– U.S. got exclusive rights in 1887; Pearl Harbor base formally established in 1940.

– Elvis Presley's 1961 benefit concert raised $65,000 for the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

– Pearl Harbor attack galvanized U.S. support for World War II.

– 82 years later, USS Arizona still leaks oil, termed "black tears" by survivors.