Why Haven’t More Older Adults Gotten the R.S.V. Vaccine?

The virus sends up to 160,000 people over 65 to hospitals annually.

Despite the risk, only 15 percent of Americans over 60 have received the newly available R.S.V. shots.

Additional 16 percent expressed definite plans to get vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Toby Gould, 78, got the R.S.V. vaccine in September due to asthma, a risk factor for severe illness.

Carol Kerton, 64, vaccinated in September after her granddaughter's severe R.S.V. case.

Sam Delson, 63, received the vaccine last month on doctor's recommendation due to a weakened immune system from past cancer.

A national survey revealed that nearly half of people aged 60-80 hadn't heard about the R.S.V. vaccines.

R.S.V. was traditionally considered a threat to infants and young children.

Contrastingly, more than 62 percent of adults over 65 have received the recommended flu shot this fall.